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Find-a-Therapist, Inc. is the leading Web based provider of practice management services for mental health professionals and their clients. Since our Find-a-Therapist Directory launch on the Web in 1996, we have offered a solution to the problems of connecting people to the right therapist at the right time. From the start, we have been designed by psychotherapists to meet the specific needs of mental health professionals and their clients.

In addition to a therapist directory, we expanded to offer a Treatment Program Directoryto continue to meet the needs of our customers. Find a treatment program here.

A comprehensive online therapy service was launched in 2000. From the beginning, we wanted to offer only the best clinical services available online, not the biggest network of providers. At, our clinicians are handpicked after a rigorous application process and must have a minimum of 10 years post graduate clinical experience.

In July 2008, we launched a new assemblage of products and services for the professionals and streamlined services for clients all under one content management system, seamless to the Web site visitor. These state of the art tools and services provide mental health professionals efficient, cost effective solutions for billing, claims management, scheduling, continuing education and virtually all of the practice management needs. Find-a-Therapist is delivering the promise of the Internet to the industry — the ability to extend business delivery beyond the therapists’ office and beyond and geographic boundary.

Our Social Networking site for mental health professionals, launched in November of 2008, is the largest of its kind online and offers those in private practice a solution to the isolation they sometimes feel and an opportunity to network with professionals across the country without the expense of traveling to conferences.

Launched in August of 2009, makes it easy for consumers to locate a health professional who provides acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic, dentistry, dietician services, homeopathy, massage therapy, nutritionist services, osteopathy, physical therapy and physicians.

The need for high quality, affordable, accessible mental health services is reaching crisis proportions in the U.S. today. At Find-a-Therapist, Inc. we are committed to excellence in meeting that need with the finest therapists, best technology and most creative use of resources available.

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  • Omi

    Counseling is a great tool! I would also like to put it out there that Life/Relationship COACHING is also a great tool! Counseling helps to you to get what is in your mind and heart out, but coaching makes you take ACTION!!! Breaking down beliefs and behaviors that may be causing blockages and obstacles. Together, coaching and counseling make the healing that much faster! :o)